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Sitting on a Bench

This religious organization is wholly independent, self-governed, and currently has no relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association


We focus on providing opportunities to nourish the human spirit, enrich relationships, and do the important work of social justice. We welcome your questions, comments and interest!

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The purpose of the
Fellowship is to apply our values to establish and maintain a loving, welcoming, supportive community that nurtures spiritual and personal growth.​
The Fellowship's larger purpose is to create a better world through information and engagement within the Fellowship and with the wider community.

Upcoming Services

This service acknowledges all the creatures past and present in our lives. Where we would be without that sloppy, wet kiss from our furry friend, or a 5 a.m. wakeup call from our kitty ready to eat, or our gorgeous horse running through a meadow allowing us to feel pure bliss? We celebrate all the creatures on this planet!

Rev. Dr. Christine Tata talked to us about embracing the season of the soul and letting it nurture and strengthen the person within.  Rev. Tata feels a special call to reach the “spiritual but not religious,” who seek new ways to find meaning in the 21st century.  Her focus is on the human condition and how we falter or thrive in the world.

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"I was drawn to this fellowship by the tradition of open discussion, devotion to equality for all, and the concept of individual thought, expression, and search for meaning as detailed in our Values and Aspirations."

- An OHM Member
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