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Sitting on a Bench

This religious organization is wholly independent, self-governed, and currently has no relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association


We focus on providing opportunities to nourish the human spirit, enrich relationships, and do the important work of social justice. We welcome your questions, comments and interest!

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The purpose of the
Fellowship is to apply our values to establish and maintain a loving, welcoming, supportive community that nurtures spiritual and personal growth.​
The Fellowship's larger purpose is to create a better world through information and engagement within the Fellowship and with the wider community.

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Please join us at 10:30 am central at the 

South Austin Senior Activity Center

3911 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

and also on Zoom at

(link subject to change - please verify on monthly announcement)


February 25 

Truth or Dare: The Courage to Change

with Rev. Christine Tata

Recall in your first moments of awakening how your world assembles itself around you -- and you simply accept it as it is, during that pleasant,  snoozing  time. But then the hard truths barge in: problems we need to face; actions we must take; decisions we can no longer avoid. Will you have the courage to change what needs to be changed? That quiet little Serenity Prayer you think you know has more power in it than you might think. Come; let's find that courage together.



Please join us at 10:00 am central 

on Zoom at

NOTE:  The zoom link for March service is not the usual one.

March 10

Theme Song of My Life

If your life had a music theme, what would it be? Perhaps there would be more than one song that describes your life! In this service we will hear a reflection from three of our Fellowship folks on their theme song. 

The latest assault against liberalism began in the 1980’s and so successfully defamed the word that today even liberals avoid calling themselves such. Yet liberalism is the only ideology that has proven to advance society and the individual throughout human history. In this sermon we’ll discuss the reasons for this audacious claim and why we need liberalism now more than ever.

The Open Hearts and Minds Fellowship is a spiritual community of hope, courage, and compassion.

What do these concepts mean?

Come join us as we explore “hope” in this first in a series delving into the concepts of hope, courage, and compassion.

What do Emily Dickinson, C.R. Synder, P. Campbell, and Beethoven have to say about hope? They will lead the way as we explore “hope” in word and song.

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"I was drawn to this fellowship by the tradition of open discussion, devotion to equality for all, and the concept of individual thought, expression, and search for meaning as detailed in our Values and Aspirations."

- An OHM Member
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