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Members are those who wish to actively support the Fellowship, and thereby have input on decisions, including being able to vote and hold office. Members must be at least 18 years of age and must pledge to support our values. Members must pledge to provide support to the Fellowship via involvement and/or donations of needed goods, services, and/or funds.



Friends are folks who have pledged to support the Fellowship via involvement and/or donations of goods, services or funds. Friends participate in all of the Fellowship except voting and holding office.



OHM exists to nourish spirits, build community, instill hope, enable courage, and develop compassion. We offer many ways to connect and contribute.  Each of us has a need to be connected, and that connection may be through:


  • Time, when we are involved with others

  • Talent, when we apply our abilities to further others

  • Treasure, when we donate our funds, our gifts in kind, our future estates, etc.


Image by Pawel Czerwinski
We listen. We appreciate differences. We are committed to personal growth. We assist one another ethically and morally. We are welcoming, nice, smart, and open-minded. We are free thinkers. We have expansive world views. We walk hand in hand even if we don’t see eye to eye. We offer a place where it is safe to be oneself. We are positive. We are friendly.
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