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Image by Ram Kumar

Our Values

Within Ourselves

  • We work to become better, kinder, and more heart-centered people.

  • We value reason, critical thinking, intuition, and emotional awareness.

  • We treat ourselves with kindness, realizing we are not perfect.

Image by Nina Strehl

Within Our Fellowship

  • We encourage growth and development in each other.

  • We nurture the human spirit through acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, and mercy.

  • We celebrate our joys and support one another in times of sorrow.

Image by Hannah Busing

With Others

  • We believe in the potential for good in every person.

  • We listen with compassion and encourage justice, equity, and cooperation in human relationships.

  • We support transparent governance, the democratic process, and freedom of conscience.

Image by Hannah Busing

With the Earth and Our Future

  • We work for the common good and nurture our global community.

  • We are part of something much bigger than ourselves and recognize the miracles of everyday life.

  • We acknowledge the sacredness of the Earth and our responsibility to cherish and protect it for future generations.

Image by Zetong Li
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Our Aspirations

  • Listen to all voices and experiences with compassion and encouragement toward spiritual growth.

  • Unite around principles of liberty, equity and peace.

  • Advocate for the democratic process, reason, free inquiry and freedom of conscience

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