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Anti-Racism Resources

These documents and listings of other resources do not represent the opinion of the Fellowship officially or of the whole membership, but are available because some may want to consider a wider range of opinions on a variety of challenging topics.


Two Paths to Consider for dealing with Racism, Oppression and Social Injustice

Asset-Based Anti-Racism vs. Guilt-Based Anti-Racism:  What Works and What Doesn’t?

Dr. Kenneth Christiansen


Call for Dialog on the Direction of the UUA


Summary of Information Concerning UU Conflicts about Anti-Racism Efforts


The future of the UUA – Where do we go from here 
Chaos or Community is the title of a convocation sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council.


Jones and Okun – Definition of “White Supremacy Culture”- 2001 

15 characteristics said to be “damaging because they promote white supremacy culture.”

No evidence validating this claim was given.


Enlightenment liberalism is losing ground in the debate about race 

How black lives can get better

Tackling racism – The new ideology of race




The Gadfly Papers: Three Inconvenient Essays by One Pesky Minister – by Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof


A Self-Confessed White Supremacy Culture: The Emergence of an Illiberal Left in Unitarian Universalism – by Dr. Anne Larason Schneider


UU Ministers’ Sermons


Rev. Thandeka – Why Anti-Racism Will Fail – 1999

Rev. Bumbaugh – Why Anti-Racism Will Fail– A Response – 1999

Rev. Scott W. Alexander – Getting to the Promised Land…The Right Way – 2019

Rev. Rick Davis – In Defense of Liberal Religion – Sep 2019

Rev. Todd Eklof – Tomorrow’s Ancestors – Apr 2020


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